Source code for exports

from civicpy import civic
from csv import DictWriter
import datetime
from civicpy.__version__ import __version__
import requests

[docs]class VCFWriter(DictWriter): """ :param filehandle f: A filehandle for the VCF output file """ SPECIAL_CHARACTERS = { " ": r'\x20', "!": r'\x21', '"': r'\x22', '#': r'\x23', '$': r'\x24', '%': r'\x25', '&': r'\x26', "'": r'\x27', '(': r'\x28', ')': r'\x29', '*': r'\x2A', '+': r'\x2B', ',': r'\x2C', '-': r'\x2D', '.': r'\x2E', '/': r'\x2F', ':': r'\x3A', ';': r'\x3B', '<': r'\x3C', '=': r'\x3D', '>': r'\x3E', '?': r'\x3F', '@': r'\x40', '[': r'\x5B', '\\': r'\x5C', ']': r'\x5D', '^': r'\x5E', '_': r'\x5F', '`': r'\x60', '{': r'\x7B', '|': r'\x7C', '}': r'\x7D', '~': r'\x7E', } HEADER = [ '#CHROM', 'POS', 'ID', 'REF', 'ALT', 'QUAL', 'FILTER', 'INFO' ] CSQ_DESCRIPTION = 'Consequence annotations from CIViC. Format: {}'.format('|'.join([ 'Allele', 'Consequence', 'SYMBOL', 'Entrez Gene ID', 'Feature_type', 'Feature', 'HGVSc', 'HGVSp', 'CIViC Variant Name', 'CIViC Variant ID', 'CIViC Variant Aliases', 'CIViC Variant URL', 'CIViC Molecular Profile Name', 'CIViC Molecular Profile ID', 'CIViC Molecular Profile Aliases', 'CIViC Molecular Profile URL', 'CIViC HGVS', 'Allele Registry ID', 'ClinVar IDs', 'CIViC Molecular Profile Score', 'CIViC Entity Type', 'CIViC Entity ID', 'CIViC Entity URL', 'CIViC Entity Source', 'CIViC Entity Variant Origin', 'CIViC Entity Status', 'CIViC Entity Significance', 'CIViC Entity Direction', 'CIViC Entity Disease', 'CIViC Entity Therapies', 'CIViC Entity Therapy Interaction Type', 'CIViC Evidence Phenotypes', 'CIViC Evidence Level', 'CIViC Evidence Rating', 'CIViC Assertion ACMG Codes', 'CIViC Assertion AMP Category', 'CIViC Assertion NCCN Guideline', 'CIVIC Assertion Regulatory Approval', 'CIVIC Assertion FDA Companion Test', ])) SUPPORTED_VERSIONS = [4.2] VCF_RESERVED_FIELDS = { 'AA', 'AC', 'AF', 'AN', 'BQ', 'CIGAR', 'DB', 'DP', 'END', 'H2', 'H3', 'MQ', 'MQ0', 'NS', 'SB', 'SOMATIC', 'VALIDATED', '1000G' } def __init__(self, f, version=4.2): self._f = f assert version in VCFWriter.SUPPORTED_VERSIONS # Supported VCF versions self.version = version super().__init__(f, delimiter='\t', fieldnames=self.HEADER, restval='.', lineterminator='\n') self.meta_info_fields = [] self.variant_records = set()
[docs] def writeheader(self): """ Writes the header lines to the VCF file. """ # write meta lines self._write_meta_file_lines() self._write_meta_info_lines() # write header line super().writeheader()
[docs] def addrecord(self, civic_record): """ Takes either a :class:`civic.Evidence`, :class:`civic.Assertion`, :class:`civic.Variant`, :class:`civic.Gene`, or :class:`civic.MolecularProfile` object and adds all :class:`civic.Variant` objects associated with it to the VCFWriter object for processing and writing to the VCF. :param civic.CivicRecord civic_record: Either a :class:`civic.Evidence`, :class:`civic.Assertion`, :class:`civic.Variant`, :class:`civic.Gene`, or :class:`civic.MolecularProfile` object """ if isinstance(civic_record, civic.Evidence) or isinstance(civic_record, civic.Assertion): for variant in civic_record.molecular_profile.variants: if variant.is_valid_for_vcf(emit_warnings=True): self._add_variant_record(variant) elif isinstance(civic_record, civic.Gene): for variant in civic_record.variants: if variant.is_valid_for_vcf(emit_warnings=True): self._add_variant_record(variant) elif isinstance(civic_record, civic.Variant): if civic_record.is_valid_for_vcf(emit_warnings=True): self._add_variant_record(civic_record) elif isinstance(civic_record, civic.MolecularProfile): for variant in civic_record.variants: if variant.is_valid_for_vcf(emit_warnings=True): self._add_variant_record(variant) else: raise ValueError('Expected a CIViC Gene, Variant, Molecular Profile, Assertion or Evidence record.')
[docs] def addrecords(self, civic_records): """ Takes multiple :class:`civic.Evidence`, :class:`civic.Assertion`, :class:`civic.Variant`, and/or :class:`civic.Gene` objects and adds all :class:`civic.Variant` objects associated with them to the VCFWriter object for processing and writing to the VCF. ``civic_records`` can contain a mix of these object types. :param list civic_records: A list of a :class:`civic.Evidence`, :class:`civic.Assertion`, :class:`civic.Variant`, and/or :class:`civic.Gene` objects """ for record in civic_records: self.addrecord(record)
[docs] def writerecords(self, with_header=True): """ Takes all variant objects saved to the VCFWriter object, processes them, and outputs them to the VCF file :param bool with_header: Indicates weather or not the VCF header lines should be written as part of this function call. """ # write header if with_header: self.writeheader() # sort records sorted_records = list(self.variant_records) sorted_records.sort(key=lambda x: int(x.coordinates.stop)) sorted_records.sort(key=lambda x: int(x.coordinates.start)) int_chromosomes = [i for i in sorted_records if i.coordinates.chromosome.isdigit()] string_chromosomes = [i for i in sorted_records if not i.coordinates.chromosome.isdigit()] int_chromosomes.sort(key=lambda x: int(x.coordinates.chromosome)) string_chromosomes.sort(key=lambda x: x.coordinates.chromosome) sorted_records = int_chromosomes + string_chromosomes # write them rows = [] for variant in sorted_records: if variant.vcf_coordinates() is not None: (start, ref, alt) = variant.vcf_coordinates() else: continue out_dict = { '#CHROM': variant.coordinates.chromosome, 'POS': str(start), 'ID':, 'REF': ref, 'ALT': alt, } info_dict = { 'GN':, 'VT': variant.sanitized_name(), 'CSQ': ','.join(variant.csq()), } out = list() for field in self.meta_info_fields: v = info_dict[field] if isinstance(v, str): v = v.replace(' ', '_') assert ';' not in v assert '=' not in v if v: out.append('{}={}'.format(field, v)) out_dict['INFO'] = ';'.join(out) super().writerow(out_dict) rows.append(out_dict) return rows
def _write_meta_file_lines(self): self._f.write('##fileformat=VCFv{}\n'.format(self.version)) self._f.write('##fileDate={}\n'.format('%Y%m%d') )) self._f.write('##reference=\n') self._f.write('##source=CIViCpy_v{}\n'.format(__version__)) self._f.write('##aboutURL=\n') def _write_meta_info_lines(self): # Gene self._write_meta_info_line('GN', 1, 'String', 'HGNC Gene Symbol') # Variant self._write_meta_info_line('VT', 1, 'String', 'CIViC Variant Name') # CSQ self._write_meta_info_line('CSQ', '.', 'String', self.CSQ_DESCRIPTION) def _write_meta_info_line(self, id_, number, type_, description, **kwargs): assert id_ not in self.meta_info_fields assert id_ not in self.VCF_RESERVED_FIELDS self.meta_info_fields.append(id_) s = ['ID={},Number={},Type={},Description="{}"'.format(id_, number, type_, description)] s.extend(['{}={}'.format(k, v) for k, v in kwargs]) out = ','.join(s) self._f.write('##INFO=<{}>\n'.format(out)) def _add_variant_record(self, variant_record): self.variant_records.add(variant_record)